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 You must submit APA style and formatted Reaction Papers of no less than 1000 words (12 pitch), excluding the wording in the Cover page, Abstract page, and Reference page. Your Reaction Paper must be in full APA style and format including the cover/title page, a separate abstract page with keywords, in-text citations, properly placed page numbers, running heads, and a separate reference page identifying all sources. The Abstract paragraph must be no less than 75 words. Your Reaction Paper must address at least one full chapter assigned for the module in the course outline at the base of the syllabus. See the Course Outline for the weekly reading assignments.

No more than 25 % of each written assignment in this course may be attributed to referenced sources. Your papers must be 75% original thought. Again, your cited work and quotations must not exceed 25%.  Failure to properly use in-text citations or required quotation formatting will be considered evidence of potential Academic Honor Code violations.


The topic is Describe Environmental Crimes


Must be very careful of plagiarism, have to drop this paper in a site that checks the paper before going to the instructor.



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