Part 2: Research Paper: Choose between Canterbury Tales, Odyssey, Oedipus, Augustine, Divine Comedy

Category: Literature

Must be willing to submit Outline tomorrow and have paper ready to be turned in Thursday, Paper will be on another question post and will be listed for $30! $40 is the overall gain! If you accept outline assignment must accept paper assignment to!

General Guidelines/Requirements:

  1. All papers will be computer generated, produced in Times New Roman 12 font, and follow MLA 8th ed. format. 
  2. All papers will an outline page (topic outline), research paper, and a Works Cited page. 

Research Paper

  1. All topics will come from some piece of literature, author, etc from the beginning of literature until 1660 (no British or American authors).  You may use anything that is included in our text (whether we study it  or not) or anything outside the text. If you are not sure about your  topic, check with me. 
  2. Papers will be 1500-2000 words (5-7 pages) (not including outline or Works Cited pages) 
  3. Have at least one primary source and three secondary sources. 
  4. Have only one secondary source from the Internet. 
  5. Document your sources correctly both in the text and in the Works Cited page. 

Sample outline and paper attached!

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