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  • Compare how written communication skills are used differently in different fields.
  • Point out a connection to your own post by referencing similar experiences or program of study and career choice.

Your response should be about 100 words.


  The first source I choose to read about was psychiatry.  Psychiatry had come a long way since 1909 when Freud developed new ways to help diagnose patients with different mental illnesses.  Not much was know about how to deal with people that suffered from emotional and mental problems.  Often they were chained and shackled and left in asylums.  On a patient’s initial visit to the psychiatrist, the psychiatrist will evaluate them.  By talking to the patient, taking note of their behavior, providing a physical, or sometimes calling for bloodwork to rule out any physical conditions, the psychiatrist will make their diagnosis.  The patient would be diagnosed with either medication, talk therapy, or both.    Professional writing is a large part of the psychiatrist’s job.  They have to document the diagnosis, keep a detailed record of the patients’ monthly visits, communicate with colleagues a problematic case they may need assistance with, write prescriptions and keep track of the different treatments and results.  I would like to know what the psychiatrist does to prevent patients who might be faking symptoms in an attempt to walk away with a specific medication.  I found the information to be thorough and complete.  Psychiatry has always interested me because of the considerable progress it has made in treating patients and the difference the proper medication can make to improve patients’ lives.  The psychiatry field is a notable career and should be pursued by only the most driven, compassionate, and educated being. 
     The second source I decided to read up on was that of a Residential Counselor.  As a person in this role, they would need to be aware of cultural and racial differences and make positive changes.  The clients that live here need help daily.  Staff would assist at mealtime, administering medication, arranging, and providing transportation to outside appointments.  As a Residential Counselor, your professional writing skills would shine through the emails you write, different computer programs, and the documentation of daily occurrences or changes.  I would like to know how are disagreements, verbal arguments, or physical fights between residents handled?  Is the staff required to break them up, or just the police be called and the residents charged?  I already had a pretty good idea of what a day in the life of a Residential Counselor would consist of from one day to the next.  I was interested in this position before and still, after the reading.  I believe that it takes a kind-hearted person with a lot of patience and tolerance to be successful and enjoy this line of work. 

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