Persuasive message and analysis message writing

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MESSAGE #1: Persuasive message (SJSU Cares)

First, read this SJSU press release from 11-22-2019 (Links to an external site.)  (Links to an external site.)for context. Here are the criteria for Winter Break Housing (Links to an external site.) under this new partnership. 

With this as the background, write a one-paragraph persuasive message (email format) to Marko Mohlenhoff at SJSU Cares  (Links to an external site.)on behalf of a friend who qualifies, but is ashamed to ask for assistance. Your subject will be: Winter Break Housing Advocacy. Your purpose is not to persuade Mr. Mohlenhoff to provide more housing, but for SJSU Cares to reach out to a student who may need to be contacted first.

Eval. Rubric:

♦ Message #1 (persuasive): Format and Tone are appropriate. ♦ Audience/Purpose are clear. ♦ Main ideas are clear with supporting details. ♦ Message is meaningful, but concise.

MESSAGE #2: Analysis and feedback for a student message

First, read the email request from Abel Smith  (I have attached it on file).

Next, write to Abel (a classmate) with the purpose of peer feedback. Point out what he needs to revise to improve his message. Focus on major areas of concern based on the audience and purpose, and explain why they are of concern. Follow these guidelines:

                      – Write to Abel as a classmate.

                      – Format your message as an email (2 paragraphs).

                      – Use the indirect approach.

                      – Be specific, give examples, and reference at least one supporting point from the Bovée and Thill text. 

Eval. Rubric:

♦ Message #2 (analysis): ♦ Message begins with an indirect approach. ♦ Audience/Purpose are clear. ♦ Examples and explanations are specific and connected clearly. ♦ There is at least one reference to the Bovée and Thill text.

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