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This paper has to be done a book regarding social welfare. This is what the class is about:


Welcome to studying the history of social welfare and criminal justice in the United States for the next eight weeks. This course will examine the evolution of American public aid from its roots in Elizabethan Poor Law to 21st century welfare programs offered by churches, charities and government. You will learn about the concept of “worthy poor,” reforms to institutions such as orphanages and penitentiaries, shifting responses to immigrants, the influence of abolition and the civil rights movements, and benefits to veterans and their families. You will have the opportunity to research a topic that interests you in this field of study. The course will conclude with you examining your own perceptions in light of historical trends.

The purpose of the course is to explore the foundations of practices we take for granted today. We will also address how history is written and how current practices in our communities have developed. This online course allows us to view documentaries, read focused articles, and relate our own experiences to 350 years of history we are studying.


book related to GHIS 205, write a 1500 word paper that addresses the following questions:



  1. What is the general thesis, or argument, of this book?
  2. Is this writing by a single author or is it an edited collection of multiple authors? What difference does this approach make to presenting an issue?
  3. How do the issues of your selected book relate to or reflect the lectures, readings, and videos of this course?
  4. What did you learn from this selected reading?
  5. Why would you recommend or discourage this book to other students?
  6. Your assignment must follow APA formatting. An abstract is not required but all other pieces formatting are.
  7. Get approval for your book by the end of Week 5. You can email your book selection. It’s important to pick a book early so that we can be sure that it’s approved.


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