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Paper Proposal – Week 5

DUE: Mar 11, 2018 3:55 AM

Grade Details

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Assignment Details

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Assignment Instructions

Submit a project proposal and have it approved before writing your paper. Topic proposals should be submitted by the end of Week 5, along with a short educational video (most students find something on youtube).  The proposal should be 250 – 500 words and you should reply to two of your classmates’ proposals.  The proposals are graded and the instructor will work with the students to design the topic for the final paper/project.

Papers should be between 1250-1500 words, 12 point font, double-spaced, and formatted in the MLA Style.  For your paper, you may use your previously written material in your Forums A and B.  You may use a case study from our textbook Sustainability, or other case studies from our Course Guide or other online resources.  If you choose an established case study, you can summarize it with proper reference.  You do not have to write your own case study, but you can focus on a particular event or topic or area of research, and write your own case study if you wish.  You should apply one of the environmental ethical theories we have studied in this course to the topic.  Papers can address either theoretical issues or practical concerns. The paper will be evaluated on form as well as content. It should be clearly written, well organized, and free of spelling and grammatical errors.  Sources used in research must be included in the bibliography. References must be supplied for all quotations and also for any idea, insights, or viewpoints you incorporate from reading the work of others.  In-text citations require the page number of the text or paragraph number of the website.  The reader must be able to look up the exact place in the text or website cited!  The paper is due at the end of Week 8.  

Most students usually do a traditional paper for their final paper/project, but you can do your final project in a different format if you wish… you could make a video or a PowerPoint presentation, which could include audio narration and/or short video clips.

If you would like to do a PowerPoint presentation, your presentation should be approximately 20 – 30 minutes long (if you were delivering it to a live audience), and it should include at least 12 – 15 slides, and it can be longer.  You should incorporate good speaker’s notes for each slide.  If you are considering doing a PowerPoint presentation, please keep in mind the “best practices” for PowerPoint presentations, and review the 9 minute video below! 

Life After Death by Powerpoint 2010 by Don McMillan 

Please Note:  I have added a Power Point presentation called Best Practices  to the Supporting Materials of the Assignment instructions so that you can see how to put together a good Power Point presentation! Please check it out if you want to do  a presentation!

Supporting Materials

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