Phoenix eth/321 article review and presentation

Category: Business & Finance

Article Review and Presentation

Locate an article from a reputable newspaper or  news wire service (AP or Reuters) specifically related to the readings  for this week or the previous week. The article may not be an article  that we discussed in class nor an article about a case discussed in the  textbook. Write a review (minimum 350 words) of the article using the Guide (article synopsis, legal issue, managerial perspective). 

Here is the Format and Grading for the assignment.


In your own words, summarize the article.

In 1 to 3 sentences, identify the legal business issues raised in the article.

Discuss how the legal issues affect business. For example, could the problems have been avoided? Explain. Discuss realistic solutions supported by sound legal and business principles.

Same subject and readings as the last paper…..

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