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Plant Project: Choose a plant (Aloe vera) to research. Your text covers 50 plants, please choose one of them and use your text as a jump-off point. Include the following:

   Part 1: Uses, treatments and cures. What are the standard applications?  Include pictures of your chosen plant.

   Part 2: Folklore and Superstition – there must be some very interesting tales about this plant!

   Part 3: Medical evidence for efficacy: scientific studies and clinical trials

   Part 4: Identify all faulty arguments you find in the literature (at least 4). Include citations.

   Part 5: Draw a conclusion: would you recommend this herb to someone? Why or why not? Make sure you use at least one “unsubstantiated” source and one that is more reputable.

   Required: Pictures make the work interesting, 2000 words, reference citations, 40 points



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