Please see 2 question assignnment in Description box. Both questions must be 200 words in length.

1.  Contrast sustainability in the United States vs. sustainability in third world countries.  What aspects of successful “sustainable developments” that have been accomplished in the United States can be transferred or implemented in a third world country? 


Be specific with responses to all of the questions.  Must be 200 words in length.


2.  Summarize the framework involved concerning sustainability.  Provide an example of a third world country that implemented a sustainable development project that has achieved some success.  (Example:  Dr. Wangari Maathat of Kenya founded the Green Belt movement in 1977 in her native Kenya.  In 2004, she received the Nobel Peace Prize for her work – the first time that the award was given for an envrironmental action.)


Be specific with responses to all of the questions. Must be 200 words in length.

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