Pollution prevention questions | Environmental science homework help


Question 1


You are the environmental compliance officer at a company that is setting up a new paint coating line. Describe the steps you would take to determine if any hazardous wastes will be generated during processing which will need disposal. If there are any, what steps would you take to properly dispose of them? Explain you reasoning.


Question 2


Discuss the importance of economics as it relates to pollution prevention. Be specific and supply at least two separate examples to augment your discussion.




Question 3


Summarize the historical aspects considered in life cycle assessment of pollution prevention. Be specific and provide some examples in your response.




Question 4


After reading the information on carbon sequestration in Chapter 6, do you think that it is a viable method for controlling our carbon dioxide emissions? Why, or why not?




All questions must be at least 200 words in length and APA formatted with appropriate citation and references.


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