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Please  answer all 5 questions and provide 150 words to each answer. 

1. Since IT involves projects, many of you may wish to pursue PMI certification. If you do not have the certificate consider if it would be valuable to you and why.  ( I do not have this certification)

2.  Assume you are hired to manage a VERY large IT project such as the initial creation of Write a paragraph describing the project and then provide a list of the stakeholders for the project and describe their relative level of control of the project and why they have that level of control.

3. Write a paragraph describing a hypothetical project scenario and then provide an example of a change for each of the following categories:

External Event

Error or omission in scope of product

Error or omission in scope of project

Value-added change

Risk response

4. Give an example of a project that is driven by each of the following needs. (Each need should have a different project described.)

Marketing Demand

Business Need

Customer Request

Technological Advance

Legal Requirement

Social Need

5. Develop a work breakdown structure for a project identified in any of the other conference threads.  Include at least three levels in your diagram.  (It is more beneficial to create the structure from someone else’s paragraph than from a project you thought up on your own…as you are rarely the client AND the project manager).

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