Qpart 1 250-500 words regarding the case of state v. akers [p. 250

Category: Law

Part 1

250-500 words

Regarding the case of State v. Akers [p. 250 of the textbook], present your own argument supporting either the majority opinion or the dissent. Make sure you back up your argument with a legal and factual basis.



State v. Akers 400 A.2d 38 (N.H. 1979)


Parent defendants were found guilty of violating a snowmobile statute which makes parents vicariously liable for the acts of their children simply because they occupy the status of parents. The parents waived all right to an appeal de novo (“new trial”) to superior court. The parents objected to the constitutionality of the parental responsibility statute. The New Hampshire Supreme Court sustained the objections.



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