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 For this assignment, you will write

  • Discuss the sources and beneficial uses of municipal solid waste.
  • Describe the differences between garbage, rubbish, and trash.
  • Elaborate on the four characteristics of optimum routing of MSW collection trucks.
  • Explain the purpose of transfer stations.
  • Provide two positive and two negative aspects of incinerators.
  • Describe the purpose of composting.
  • Discuss four differences between dumps and landfills.
  • Address the following question: If each person in a city of 20,000 people generates 5 pounds per day of MSW, how many pounds of MSW are generated in a year in the city?
  • Address the following question: In a different city, if the landfill volume required per year is 300,000 m3, and the average fill depth is 15 m, what is the required landfill area (m2) per year?

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