Read and write a full two page paper answering the following questions

Category: Business & Finance


Read the following scholarly article:

Brockmann, E. N., Lacho, K. J., & Blancher, J. (2014). inspiration versus perspiration: The rock n bowl story of opportunity recognition. Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal, 20(1), 99.

Write a two page paper in which you respond to the following questions:

  • How compatible is John Blancher’s mind-set with that of successful entrepreneurial enterprises? Compare and contrast it with      another successful enterprise, not discussed in the textbook or videos.
  • How did John’s actions help to address the key factors      that he identified for success? Compare and contrast what he did to other      firms who rely on the same success factors. What recommendations would you      make to John to keep his firm competitive?

Include a minimum of three sources


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