Research paper in educational psychology

Category: Education

Research paper requirements: ((NO PLAGIARISM))

1.  Follow the following topic for the paper ” How does Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation effect international students in school “. 

2. Follow the attached outline when writing the paper. 

3. The research paper should include the attached references + the references in the outline + and YOU HAVE TO FIND MORE REFERENCES to provide enough information and details about the topic in this research paper. 

4. You have to find RELIABLE ACADEMIC references additional to the attached references to complete the paper. 

5. Paper should be FULL 9 pages. APA format.  

6. Your writing should be clear to understand and flow smoothly from a part to another. 

7. Correct spellings and grammar. AND organized AND in a high level quality. 

8. Paper DUE: May 3. in 24 hr.

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