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1.     Research Paper: For your paper we will be using public-use data sets available from the National Center for Education Statistics ( Or if you already have your data from some where else you can use that too.  


2.     (a) Use approximately 7-10 variables, present appropriate statistical and graphical analyses (e.g., medians, means, standard deviations, bar graphs, histograms, etc.);
(b) You need to use at least one type of bivariate or multivariate statistical test.
(c) The paper must cite research articles to support your research questions.


3.     You need to use SPSS for your analysis


4.     (d) Additionally, you must cite the sources describing your data (e.g., using the ELS:2002 is called secondary analysis, and you need to identify the data source and the documentation that describes the data; see example papers for citation format).
(e) The paper should include a brief, current, and critical analysis of the literature.

(f) The estimated page is 6-10 pages (Not counting references page and cover page).


5.     Presentation of Research: You will need to use a visual display of your results (PowerPoint, Prezi). The six-point list below is the order you are expected to follow:


·      Research question(s)

·      Key findings from the research literature

·      Specific hypotheses

·      Brief description of your data and analysis

·      Results, tabular presentation

·      Conclusions and any implications


To get a copy of SPSS for use on your paper …


A six-month student license for the SPSS Base package that runs on Windows or Mac machines can be obtained at the OnTheHub eStore (Price is for “IBM® SPSS® Statistics Base GradPack 21 for Windows (06-Mo Rental)”





In the attachment are sample papers  

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