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This assignment requires the student to read and review a book pertaining to the course; and also respond in a scholarly way to at least 2 other student’s book reviews. This book review and critique is the term paper which is worth 15% of the final grade. Following are specific criteria:

•          The book must be at least 50 pages unless the instructor approves otherwise.

•          The book must focus on productivity, Lean, Six Sigma or Lean Six Sigma in general

•          The book should have a global focus or clear global applicability
•          The book must either be of an enduring foundational nature or be less than 5 years old and viewed as cutting edge. Either one of these stances must be justified with a rationale.
•          In your review you are to summarize the book and focus on how the book relates to course goals. In essence, you can let the book be the basis for a one-source review of literature.
•          The review must be at least 10 pages long (double space).
•          APA is required.
•          You are encouraged to relate the book review to other assignments (courses, group project, etc.) and vice versa.  You cannot use a textbook.


Each student will post a brief message (2-3 paragraphs) in the DB, forum “Book Review – Selection” by October 27th. The message must include:

1)      Book title and author, name of publishing company and year of publish.

2)      A paragraph explains what this book is about and how it relates to the course.

3)      The reason of your book selection

The final product of your book review should be posted by November 30th. Post it in the  Discussion Board, forum ‘Term Paper – Book Review’. Post your writing as a file attachment, MS Word, APA style, 5th edition or the latest.  Your book review format may be different from others, but these are suggested items:

1)      About the book (title, author and publisher, publisher address, ISBN, date and page counts.

2)      Abstract

3)      Reasons for reviewing this book

4)      Brief review

5)      Book discussion (or book critique). This section is from your opinion/point of view.

6)      references


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