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Discussion Class

In my life, I do not remember a state of terror and panic in the world as the latest spread of the Corona virus, perhaps because we did not live in a time of epidemics, we did not know what the plague did, for example?  What bothers us and we fear most is cancer, which some people do not dare to mention, out of fear and pessimism. History will save that Coronavirus changed the world more than wars

The discussion started with names and majors, so everyone had to talked because it is discussion meeting. There are many things we talked about in this meeting, and it was fun. First of all talked about healthy people and healthy places. When you look at the street now no one outside maybe people are afraid to go outside for protest with COVID-19. Also, I will say people are carful to be outside because they want to be safe in their house doing their work. In my opinion, older ages they are so carefully and afraid about masks and going outside, but they try to be in healthy place with healthy people. everything changed in the town and socializes because of the virus. In this year all the world learned what does it mean to be in healthy place and healthy people. Thus, there are a lot of people did not do their work out activates because of this virus. Not having sport it is hard for most of healthy people. 

In another hand,  We have talked and discussed about the effects of covid-19 on us, as It has affected society and the whole world in a very large way. Unfortunately, Covid-19 has forced the whole world to stay at home, the year 2020 was difficult for everyone, including those who worked at home and some of them were studying online. It was not easy, but everyone got used to this crisis and tried and struggled to stay alive. All of us need to get back to the normal life. It is sad that we see a lot of deaths every day because of this pandemic. It is also important for this community to be strong in this crisis. There are many people who would like to live like before for example: visiting family and gathering with friends, so we must be steadfast so that this crisis ends as soon as possible.The most important things that we supposed to do in this situation is to Keep our self-positive and try to not forgot our beautiful smile. 

Definitely, Safety is very important to everyone, sometimes People don’t feel safe and protected. Always we should know that healthy people in a healthy place. 

People asks that how can you be healthy if you can’t feel safe? It’s a good question to discuss about. Thus,  there is a several types of safety that everyone should follow: Try to Keep your work areas clean, wash your hand before eating, wash your hand after touching anything, always keeps your mask on when communicate with someone, and don’t forgot to wear your gloves and sanitize your hand if needed. Thus, Healthy food is very important to avoid any disease that could happened to us. 

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