Risk perception | Environmental science homework help

Must be at least 3 pages, double-spaced

Please select a current controversy around risk perception, such as  vaccinations, genetically modified foods, gun violence or an alike topic  that you are passionate about. Do some research on the controversy and  respond to the following:

(a) What factors seem to be most important in influencing the risk  perception on the topic …both among those who believe there is a risk,  and among those who don’t?

(b) For the controversial topic you select, please identify the most  trusted sources of information that will be more enlightening  on the  topic to the public

(d) If you were to come up with a strategy  on the topic, how would  you use or incorporate these sources in a health communication strategy.

(e) In what ways would you say the topic selected is  a public health concern?

Please work on this last paper as earnestly as you can  because I will be grading according to the quality of work submitted.

Provide appropriate citations wherever necessary.

Good luck.

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