RTV 3511 Central Michigan University Elements and Qualities of Sound Paper

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This week we are focusing on sound. You will list 1 television programs or feature film that you like. Choose one that has impressed you as having an excellent sound mix. For the show that you choose to discuss, apply some of the concepts and terms used in the text (it is best to listen to the show using quality headphones at a minimum).

Step 1: Identify one TV program or feature film that includes impressive audio. 

Step 2: Use the language and concepts in the sound chapter to describe the qualities and elements of the sound design and mix that are being applied in this film or TV program.

Step 3: Post the descriptions of the programs/films by Thursday at 11:59 pm.

Step 4: Post the reply to a classmate by Sunday at 11:59 pm.  Discuss similarities and differences between their observations and your own.

Reply to: 

  • One of my favorite TV programs of all is The Vampire Diaries. The supernatural drama includes many action and fight scenes where it’s heavily dependent on audio/sound to convey messages, feelings, and hint to the plot of the episodes. If a strong audio presence weren’t available, the show probably wouldn’t have gained as much of an audience as it has because it adds suspense to each episode, keeping you on the edge of your seat and coming back for more.
  • Since the actors, crew, and everyone in between is working in the field, in many of the behind the scenes clips of the series, it’s shown that boom microphones are used to pick up actors when they’re speaking their lines. The boom operator is seen holding the microphone in the from-above mic position because this best picks up the sound of each actor’s voice during the scene. Not only can the boom mic be held at that position for optimal sound, it’s great for when dramatic scenes require that you keep the mic out of camera range. It essentially waters two plants with one hose in that you can pick up sound over a fairly great distance while making it seem to come from close up, and keeping out redundant noise surrounding the scene (Zettl, 2010, pg.173). To add, the show has great audio mixing to combine and balance the dialogue, emotions, and intensity of the music and sound effects of the scenes.

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