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 * Complete the exercises below.  For each “EXERCISE” comment, add
 * code immediately below the comment.
 * Please see for instructions, including compilation and testing.
 * 1. Submissions MUST compile using SBT with UNCHANGED configuration and tests with no
 *    compilation errors.  Submissions with compilation errors will receive 0 points.
 *    Note that refactoring the code will cause the tests to fail.
 * 2. You MUST NOT edit the SBT configuration and tests.  Altering it in your submission will
 *    result in 0 points for this assignment.
 * 3. You MUST NOT use while loops or (re)assignment to variables (you can use “val” declarations,
 *    but not “var” declarations).  You must use recursion instead.
 * 4. You may declare auxiliary functions if you like.


object fp1 {

  // EXAMPLE: here is the definition of the factorial function.
  def fact (n : Int) : Int = {
    if (n <= 1)
      n * fact (n – 1)

  // EXERCISE 1: complete the following definition, so that factTest is the list of integers
  // List(1,2,6,24,120).  You must call the “fact” function (five times) defined above instead of
  // hardcoding the numbers 1,2,4,24,120.
  val factTest : List[Int] = {
    // TODO: Change “Nil” to the correct answer.


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