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As an elementary teacher you will be expected to be the “World’s best

generalist”.  In the sciences, this means you must be prepared to teach life

science, earth science, physical science,  etc. 


However, even if you have a major in one (or more) of the sciences, it is

doubtful that you will have expertise in all the science content you will be

expected to teach in grades one through six. This project is designed to

assist you in remediating a deficient in your science content knowledge. 


Choosing any area(s) of science where you believe that your content

knowledge in insufficient for competent, successful teaching on the

elementary level, you will develop a “resource portfolio”.   Since you may

be required to teach any elementary grade, you are encouraged to collect a

wide variety of materials, lessons and activities that will meet the

requirements of the common core or CT. State department of Education

science standards.  You can also select a topic that you are very interested

in… and use this project to expand you knowledge.



The materials collected for this project may be used in any number of lessons as well as disciplines outside of science (such as math, language arts, etc.) and for a variety of grades that you will be certified to teach.


The resource portfolio must include the following (this is the minimum!!!):

Cover Page

Topic or theme of portfolio

Table of Contents (all pages for resources must be numbered!)      

1.  Educational Resources for you and your students including:

A.  25+ Books & Magazines [include titles, authors, publishers & date

       of publication  (5+ – teacher resources, 20+ – student oriented)


B.  10+  Movies, Videos, DVD, Utube


C.  Sample of an Internet search

1.  20+ websites specific to your topic

2.  2 rubrics designed to evaluate websites

3.  5+ lesson plans obtained from the “net”



2. 15+ Experiential activities and/or investigations that could be used to teach or     enhance your unit.


3.  5+ Potential Field Trip sites – names, locations, activities provided.


4. 5+ Human Resources – Names, Title, Expertise, address, phone number & e-mail if                 possible


5. Your lessons, activities, websites, etc. must include the intended grade levels.


Note – You may add to the list (such as activities for students with special needs), but your portfolio must include everything identified above.



As stated above, this is the minimum to satisfy this requirement and to earn a ‘B’.  To earn an ‘A’ you will need to have no less than:

 35 books (10+ – teacher resources, 25+ – student oriented)

13 video,  DVDs,  UTube, etc.

30 websites

  3 rubrics designed to evaluate the websites

10 lessons from the internet

25 hands-on, experiential activities

10 field trip sites

10 potential human resources



 It should be more than 15 Pages.


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