security management

Category: Government


Reidman, R. (2017). The Cold War on Terrorism: Reevaluating Critical Infrastructure Facilities as Targets for Terrorist Attacks

· The White House. (2013). Presidential policy directive (PPD)-21: Critical infrastructure security and resilience (12 pages)


· Moteff, J.D. (2015). Critical infrastructures: Background, policy and implementation (pp. 1-30). Congressional Research Service


· DHS. (2013). National infrastructure protection plan– NIPP 2013: Partnering for critical infrastructure security and resilience (pp. 1-26)

Answer each question with (220 words each) two scholar references each APA format.

1.) What is your assessment Reidman’s thesis in his journal article? Do you agree that terrorist groups lack the capabilities or incentive to attack our national critical infrastructure?

2.) Which of the 16 Critical Infrastructure/Key Resources (CI/KR) sectors identified in PPD-21 or the NIPP 2013 do you believe are the most vulnerable, or the most likely/attractive targets for terrorists, or for disruption by natural or technological disasters? Explain your choice(s).

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