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Using an Internet search engine,  search for “strategic alliance” and identify three recently formed  alliances. Be sure not to share the same alliances shared by your  classmates. For each alliance, identify whether the companies’ other  products are generally competitors or complementary. What are the goals  of each alliance? What brought them together? Discuss how you think a  strategic alliance is or is not an effective way for these organizations  to meet their goals.

post 1


 strategic alliance is an arrangement between two companies to undertake

 a mutually beneficial project while each retains its own independence 

(Kenton, 2020). This usually benefits both companies. The most recent 

alliance that I can think if is Uber and Spotify. So, 

this basically allows the Uber riders to easily stream through the 

Spotify library while they are on the ride. This is a win-win situation.

 Not many users will have full access to the Spotify library. Most of 

the people tend to listen to music while they are traveling. So, this 

opportunity lets the passengers have a pleasant ride on Uber. Through 

this, most of the people will realize the different variety of Albums 

available on Spotify without buying it. So, this helps them to make a 

decision on whether to use it or not.  The next one is Starbucks and Barnes & Noble.

 This is another hit pair if you will. Good coffee and a good book go 

hand in hand. It is a brilliant collaboration. Both of the companies 

keep doing their own jobs without interfering with one another and both 

boosting one another. But the only disadvantage is the dependence on one

 another. After a course of time, if either of the businesses doesn’t do

 well, it affects the other one too. So, the danger of over-dependence 

on the other organization is always there.  The third one will be T- mobile and Taco Bell.

 I think this was just a year ago. During the Superbowl, both companies 

unveiled an exciting brand Partnership (Huhn, 2020). I remember this 

clearly because I am a T-mobile customer and we can get a free Taco 

every Tuesday without any purchase needed. This again is a brilliant 

idea because no one goes and orders just one taco. So, a minimum of two 

tacos is guaranteed with the free one. So, it is a great business 

tactic. Where two organizations are equally benefitted. I need 150 words reply for this post.

post 2

Strategic alliances are formed when two or more companies corporate 

to form agreement to develop, manufacture or sale of products and 

services to benefit both parties. The benefits of strategic alliance are

 to improve current operations to brings profit to both companies, risk 

is minimized as loss is shared between both parties and to increase sale

 (Leonard, 2019). I would like to share few well know strategic alliance formed till date: 1. Google and Luxottica The cutting-edge technology of Google and Luxury eyewear Luxottica

 has partnered to increase profit for both companies. Many of them can’t

 imagine of two companies working together but oddly this partnership 

has led to capture most of the market share by diversifying the customer

 base. Google has the ability to provide world class technology who can 

reach to wider audience who are seeking eyewear that has luxury look. 2. Apple & IBM Apple has partnered with IBM to bring together analytics and 

enterprise scale computing to deliver best user experience for iPhone 

and iPad user which will add a new value to business. The partnership 

will help IBM to lifts its image which has been diminishing over the 

years and it will assist Apple to increase consumer experience, soft 

integration, and hardware. In all this partnership will help to add new 

class of apps by connecting to big data & analytics from IBM in IOS 

devises.  3. Snapchat & Square’s Snapcash This partnership will help Square do secure money transfers and 

will target young audience as they 80% of the Snap Chat users are below 

30 years. There is growing trend seen in messaging apps offering P2P 

payments were Facebook is also seen to introduce similar payments 

methods. Consequently, Square will have increase revenue and broad 

market through partnership with Snapchat.I need 150 words reply for this post

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