SUNY Empire State College Crayola Competitive Value Questions

Category: Business & Finance


 Due September 19, 2021

Note 1: Show all your work to get credit. Write your solutions clearly and neatly.

Note 2: Questions 1, 2, and 3 worth 10 points each, and question 4 worth 20 points.

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Pareto Chart:

Question 1

Chapter 1: Read and watch the video case “Using Operations to Create Value at Crayola” on pages 29 & 30 of the textbook. Identify one of Crayola’s competitive priorities and answer the following questions for it. See Table 1.3 on pages 12&13 of the textbook for a list of competitive priorities and for their definitions.

Provide examples of Crayola’s capabilities to achieve the competitive priority.

Provide good quantitative measure(s) for the competitive priority.

Discuss possible opportunities and/or challenges related to the competitive priority as Crayola expands into Asian markets. 

You can access the video from “Multimedia Library” on MyOMLab’s website.

Question 2

Supplement A: The demand for a customized knee implants continues to increase at a large orthopedic hospital. The management is evaluating three different alternatives to meet the increasing demand: purchase of one or two 3D printers and the related software or outsourcing to a manufacturer. A consultant’s report indicates a 0.20 probability that demand will be low, 0.50.

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