sustainability answer

 For this week, pick a country other than the United States. Please complete both parts of the forum.

Part 1-First, how do the other country measure up with meeting an acceptable level of sustainability design? You will evaluate the country and give the country a “grade” like a report card. Realizing that we are all a work in progress and need improvement, are you exceeding your goals (A), meeting goals (B), identified your goals but progress needs improvement (C), developed your goals but little progress has been made (D), or have not made any progress at all (F). Provide enough details to support your position.

A global environmental sustainability index will be helpful and can be located at

Part 2-the comparative advantage theory identifies that both trading partners gain from trade by specializing in goods they can produce most efficiently. Now that you have picked a country, identify the specialized good the country will use in trade and identify a partnering country that will benefit with the trade. 

-Minimum 300 words

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minimum 2 scholarly sources 

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