talk about the pope visit to the usa, what happened? from the beg,

Category: History

Talk about the pope visit to the USA, what happened? From the beg, his landing till the end. What did he talk about with Obama, what was his speech in the congress. Why did the USA government break the protocol and the president went to the airport to greet the pope and took him to the congress. What was talked about in the congress? Economy, death penalty, environment, drugs, what was the speech about? The length of the speech?


In New York he gave a speech in the United Nations, what will he be talking about there? Where did he have Masses and when in the USA

Who else did he visit except the congress and Obama? How many people have attended his Masses in each Mass?

How did they greet him in the white house? Who came?

How did they greet him in the congress when he went to do his speech?

How did they greet him in Washington and in newyork? Securities? People on the streets? And on and on. What did he use for transportation?

What was the role of the Vatican in ending the tensions and problems between Cuba and the USA, if there is any role.

Was the congress or the while house interested while he was giving a speech?


He proclaimed a new saint, who was it?

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