Technology Plays a Crucial Role in Contemporary Society Essay

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The challenge is to put aside your technology for 12 straight hours!

Please write a 4-6 page paper answering the following questions:

  1. Were you able to last 12 hours without any kind of technology? Please explain. Yes
  2. How did you pass the time without technology?
  3. What are the benefits and pitfalls of excessive technology?
  4. Analyze the benefits and/or downfalls of 20th-century technologies.
  5. Did living without technology help you to understand and appreciate the older generations a bit more?
  6. What have you learned about yourself and others during this experiment?
  7. Did you enjoy this assignment?
  8. Technology NOT TO USE includes: TV, radio,
    telephone or smart phone of any kind (cell or land line), Internet, ATM or
    credit cards (use only cash), Kindle or iPad, tablet, iPod, microwave,
    washer/dryer, gaming system of any kind.
  9. You may:
    Drive a car, use the refrigerator, use the oven/stovetop, read a book and
    visit with friends and family.

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