texas gov discussion (atleast 250 words)

Category: Government

In order to fully participate in this discussion you will need to analyze the major points and evidence presented in each of the sources, and relate those points and that evidence to the course concepts we have covered thus far. Start by identifying those characteristics of an ideal judiciary outlined by Alexander Hamiltion in Federalist 78 and then determine what you consider to be the most important features of the judicial branch. Describe the features and flaws of the Texas process for selecting judges, and explain whether or not you feel the Texas judiciary aligns with those ideals you have identified. Based on what you have learned from the sources, combined with contextual understanding from your chapters and your own informed viewpoint, discuss positives and negatives of the Texas judicial selection process, who benefits and who suffers the consequences, and what might be done to improve the situation.

-discussion needs to have supporting evidence from each source and cited 


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