Texas government: word count 250-300 texas bill of rights from

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Each discussion board is worth 25 points. To get the full 25 points, you must choose one of the prompts and write a 250-300 word response (use your word processor to count the number of words and include that at the end of your post). Your response should carefully address all parts of the question in a coherent, organized, and professional manner. You must also respond to someone else’s post with a 100-word response (use word court again).

Your responses should be your own words. Do not cut and paste – this is plagiarism. If you do quote the textbook or other sources, be sure to use parenthetical citation or footnotes for proper attribution.

You will primarily be graded on the completeness of your posts. Make sure you read the comments on make on your posts. If I ask a follow up question, make sure you answer to receive more points for your post.

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