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Step #1: Do an Overview for Text Group #10 and Make an Informed Decision 

Do a quick summary (only) of each text.

(Much like you have done for the Prepare for the Pod Worksheet)

Label: Overview of Text Group #10 

This is a surface level investigation to determine which texts you will work with.

Include this when you turn in Text Group #10

Step #2: Choose Texts and Do a Presentation

Choose (3) three of the authors/texts.

Do the Independent Study Worksheet for each (Three Worksheets)

Briefly explain why you chose the text.

Do a deep investigation into the author and the time/place the text was written in.

Dig deep and respond to the material personally. Show me what you learn.

Make direct connections to the texts we have studied up to this point in theme, story, observations on human nature? I would like you to go back over the Text Groups and see if you can relate the text to several texts we have covered from TG #1-#9. How is the text an evolution of the earlier texts? How might it be a ‘repeat’ of themes/patterns? How does it relate to other texts you have liked?

Consider: How is this literature similar/different to the previous works overall? Do you think the specific text in TG #10 ‘says’ something in response to the early periods? Do you think the text  indicates a major change/shift in society? How? Why/Why not? How might it suggest that we repeat patterns throughout time and space? 

Work to find current cultural references, influences, adaptations. These works have had great influence on all aspects of our society and other cultures.

I would like to see you find ways that this literature (themes, issues, ideas, characters…) persists in our culture today in politics, social organizations, philosophy, etc. 


Rabelais/Gargantua and Pantagruel

Machiavelli/The Prince, The Art of War

Ariosto/Orlando Furioso

More/Utopia, other

De Cervantes/Don Quixote

Popul Vuh (our first encounter with the “Americas”)

Shakespeare/Any sonnets (Choose several) and/or plays (Choose one)

Milton/Paradise Lost

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