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Write a well organized essay, a minimum of 700 words (but not limited to), including supporting details from the documents/textbook/other sources in which you analyze and discuss the material that has been assigned by addressing the following question:

In your opinion, were the Radical Republicans correct in their assumptions regarding the South, or could Lincoln’s approach have paved the way for a continuation of the political, social and economic gains that African Americans had achieved during reconstruction? Support your argument(s) including information from assigned and linked readings


  • Paragraphs in an essay are not      numbered. Any questions that are associated with an assigned reading are      there to serve as a guide for your discussion.
  • Your discussion should      incorporate all of the information from the documents and or textbook, and      outside sources as one essay.
  • Students are required to      research and incorporate into their discussions additional sources      that relate to the content.Recommendations can be found in at the end      of textbook chapter in Additional Reading.
  • All statements must be supported and      all sources must be identified and cited, and      included in your reference list. This also applies to the      textbook. Failure to do so constitutes Plagiarism, and the      college has strict policies and penalties for failure to comply. Under the      Resources tab you will find links to sites that review how to format a      paper or essay.  Please use APA style to format your essay.
  • Proofread your work. Make sure that you have looked for all of the      spelling and grammatical errors and corrected them, and that you have      organized your work into coherent paragraphs.
  • Prepare the assignment as      a Word Document, double-spaced and using a standard font      of 12 points.
  • Submit it in the Dropbox as an      ATTACHMENT. Any work that is submitted directly into the box will be      graded as a 0.

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