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Part I:

*********LOCAL ARTIST ASSIGNMENT***************

Please research and post information on one local (Pacific Northwest-based) hip hop artist, providing their background information, current projects and links to upcoming shows. In order to receive full points for this assignment, you will need to do more than just look at their website. You should conduct local newspaper searches (Seattle Weekly, Stranger, etc) and find out as much information as possible. Your post should be a collection of synthesized, paraphrased information (do not simply cut and paste). I’d like to get your sense of the artist and their music, meaning you will need to find and listen to some of their music, watch their music videos, etc. You would do well to get started early on this assignment, as I will only accept one entry per artist. This means if someone posts about an artist before you do, you need to find another artist. For this reason, you will be able to see other people’s posts before you post this week. Please monitor the board before you post. The only way to ensure that you are writing about a particular artist is to post your entire and complete entry about that artist (you may not “call” it). Please cite all sources and let me know if you have questions.  

Part II:

In a separate post from your artist bio, please generate your own discussion topics from the Watkins reading and the documentary: The Otherside (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

This post should be as detailed and thoughtfully explained as you’ve been doing in previous weeks (in response to my discussion questions). Feel free to bring in previous readings when relevant. I realize it’s not always easy to generate your own discussion topics, but this is the time in the quarter to start putting the pieces together and asking yourself how everything we’ve read so far “fits” together and/or challenges commonsense definitions of hip hop culture. One way to help you focus may be to consider the pairings of the texts and the film and perhaps speculate a bit on why I named this week “The Town.” Finally, please make sure that you title your post according to your chosen topic or theme so that others can join conversations that they find interesting. 

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