There are many health issues of importance to the american public. as

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There are many health issues of importance to the American public. As a health educator, you will be required to prepare training on various topics geared towards specific audiences.

Unit 3 Project.

Select a specific community organization such as a nursing or assisted living facility, hospital, school, community center, workplace or teen center.

Contact the director/health educator of the organization and request the guidelines for obtaining permission to present training. Ask the director what procedure a non-staff member would need to follow in order to be allowed to present a health-related training at this facility.

Prepare a 3-5 page paper (not including title page and reference page) identifying the organization, listing your contact, outlining the guidelines for gaining permission to conduct a training, and describing your audience.

Use your topic from Unit 1 for the training, share why you chose that particular topic and list three possible sources of information.

Your assignment should follow APA guidelines, and should include a title page and three references.

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