UM Lowering the Legal Drinking Age to 16 for Beer Wine & Champagne Essay

Category: Psychology


Students will use their position paper (never did it so you got full freedom to write on the topic) (2000 – 2500 words) and annotated bibliography to compose a thoroughly supported research paper that describes the finding of their research. Minimum 8 sources must be used, including peer-reviewed research articles. The student must take a position that applies belief and reasoning systems to concepts of ethics and knowledge (DBR 200.1) and applies said systems of knowledge and ethics to issues in society, history, faith, spirituality, and one’s own life from a global perspective (DBR 200.2).

the topic I have chosen is lowering the legal drinking age to 16 for beer, wine and champagne and for sprites it would be 18, this paper is based on the facts from the 70-80s for bloodborders

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