unit 1 SA

 Unit I ScholarlyActivity 

Upon arriving to your department today at 8 AM, notice of a mandatory staff meeting beginning at 9 AMis announced. The usual talk about what it could be about ensues. At 9 AM, everyone files into the meeting room where Fire Chief Williams begins the meeting. “Today, I am holding a special meeting to announce the creation of a new position within our department—assistant fire chief of administration, and the person in this position will deal with all personnel matters within the department. This position will report directly to me and will be filled internally. With the help of a few other local fire chiefs from around the state, I have created the requirements that we will be looking for within our interviews. Everyone is encouraged to apply. If you have further questions, please let me know. As you leave, please pick up the paper with the requirements listed. Thank you.” As you exit the meeting and pick up the requirements paper, you begin to look it over. The criteria below will be evaluated within the review. (Note: It is asked that you use your current or a past department’s requirements when answering the criteria below to incorporate personal experience. If you do not belong to a fire department, work with your local department, or research specific fire department policies or programs dealing with these topics online.) Identify how your personal personnel management plan has helped you to prepare for the upcoming interview. Which aspects of the exam/interview do you feel the most and least confident about? Why? Elaborate on social media use, cultural diversity, and motivation levels within the department as they are a major responsibility of this new position. Prepare a plan of action to address the policies in place surrounding each of the above (social media use, cultural diversity, and motivation levels), along with your ideas on how to improve upon them to make the department more unified, thus making it a better place to work. Your assignment must be at least three pages in length but no more than five, and this is not counting the title and reference pages. You must follow APA guidelines throughout. Also, you must include at least two outside references, one of which can be the textbook. Information about accessing the grading rubric for this assignment is provided below. 

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