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where, when, and how he died. Make a list of the person’s pursuits and accomplishments. You should know this person inside and out before you begin writing your sketch. 


Step 3: Draw conclusions, and prepare your thesis. Reflect on the life of the historical figure. Once you have done your research and have gathered enough information about the historical figure, you should sit back to think about what it means, to see if you notice any trends, and to have a better sense of what you want to convey about the person. Your thesis statement will offer your reader the overall insight into this person you have perceived.  


Use the following guidelines to help decide on your thesis: 


 Ask yourself about how the historical figure was shaped by his time period and environment. 

 Ask yourself how the historical figure impacted the lives of the people around him, the general public, and future generations. 

 Figure out which of the figure’s achievements and life experiences you may want to emphasize. Figure out which quality of the person you would most like to emphasize, and make sure the facts you present support it. 

 Find the perfect anecdote to demonstrate the qualities of the person you would most like to show. 


Step 4: Write your essay. Your essay should be at least one page in length. You are required to us

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