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Unit IV Case Study

For this assignment, you will be studying a case involving 

a fire in either a hotel or high

rise office building. 

Using the CSU 

Online Library, locate an article from an academic journal or a trade/professional publication about such a fire, and w

rite a 

review of 

the events that occurred surrounding the fire.

Your review should be a

minimum of 300 words

in length and

should answer the following questions:

What were the main factors that caused the fire?

What was the fuel source for the fire? 


there design flaws in the building that contributed to either the start of the fire or the size of the fire?

Were there issues with the building design or maintenance that hindered the fire response?

What recommendations would you have made to the buildin

g design or maintenance that you believe would have 

prevented the fire from starting or reduced the severity of the outcome?



and any additional sources must be cited in the text

of your assignment

and references provided in APA style.

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