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  • Dear Writer, please, write literary analysis research paper (7 pages needed) and outline (30% of the amount), 1 hour is given for the research Login details to access library are in the comments for assigned Writer  MAIN DETAILS Literary Analysis Research Paper Overview Over the span of this course, you will focus upon one chosen topic of interest that will serve as the basis of your final paper. Options for topics you might write on include:  Compare and contrast Telemachus, Antigone, and Hamlet as characters in transition from childhood to adulthood. What does it mean for each of them to be an adult? (Consider that for Antigone, for example, becoming a woman in Greek society meant getting married and having children whereas Telemachus and Hamlet are both born to rule.) What prompts this initiation? What challenges do they face in this transition? Remember that literature often gives us a snapshot of this initiation not the entirety of this initiation. Compare and contrast three of the following characters (choose one per book) as they attempt to do their duty: Odysseus, Telemachus, Oedipus, Antigone, Hamlet, and/or Ophelia. How do they define their duty? Does this contrast with what society/family or the gods/God considers their duty to be? What challenges do they face in attempting to do their duty? How do they respond to this duty? Compare and contrast Oedipus the King, Antigone, and Hamlet as tragedies that do or do not conform to Aristotle’ ideal of tragedy. You may want to pick a few key elements of Aristotle’s definition (tragic hero, etc.) as points of comparison. Do these tragic plays conform to the Aristotelian definition in part or in whole? [Hint: each of these plays have aspects that conform to this definition and aspects that do not conform.] Give examples. In the case of Hamlet, remember that Shakespeare is an English Christian playwright living after Christ (whereas the other authors in this course are Greek pagan writer living before Christ). Is there any way in which Shakespeare’s approach to tragedy might reflect his Christian beliefs? Compare and contrast the leadership styles of Odysseus, Oedipus, Creon, Antigone, and/or Hamlet (pick three characters from three different books). You may use minor characters in order to highlight the character traits of these major figures. For example, you might contrast Fortinbras with Hamlet in order to show what kind of leader Hamlet is. Compare and contrast the views of justice presented in one of three books: Odysseus, Oedipus the King, Antigone, and/or You might consider questions like how justice is defined in each of these works and how it relates to things such as rulership, divine law, human law, and/or revenge. Submit your own preferred comparison topic for professor approval. Because this course is an accelerated one, it is suggested that you submit it as soon as possible. At the end of the course, you will write a thesis-driven, 5-7 page literary analysis research paper that answers the question you chose to write about in Unit 2 by making an argument from the texts read. The majority of evidence given should come from the texts read for this course. A minimum of three outside scholarly sources must be consulted and used in the paper to support the thesis statement. It is strongly suggested that you look for academic handbooks or introductions to scholarly editions, journal articles and/or books or ebooks.   Access these sources through the LETU library webpage. Commercial or private websites are NOT allowed for this assignment.  MLA formatting must be used throughout the paper. See the reading questions for more information about how to do MLA citation. Emphasis in grading will be upon maintaining MLA paper format and using parenthetical citations correctly.  The process of writing this paper is broken up into 5 assignments over this course. The process of learning to write MLA style, using parenthetical references for quotations and paraphrases, is taught throughout the reading question assignments.  Timeline:  Unit 3  Topic Proposal (Day 7) Unit 4  Outline (Day 5) Presentation -initial post (Day 7) Unit 5  Presentation-follow up post (Day 1) Rough Draft (Day 2) Final Paper (Day 7)  Also, please, provide a two pages outline.ADDITIONAL ORDER COMMENTS FOR ASSIGNED WRITER

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