University of Toronto Business Analysis Presentation Paper

Category: Business & Finance


Prepare a brief – a written outline that summarizes a recent article from the business section of a credible news source. The brief will capture your analysis of the implications of your chosen article for a specific business or organization. You will then deliver an oral presentation based on the content of that article. Also, provide a draft of the oral presentation. If you require additional information about the subject, research additional sources and put them into the reference list.

Consider your written brief and the presentation itself to be a critical summary of information that is needed by your audience. State the facts and provide your personal analysis of the implications this event will have for your audience’s business. Role-playing is encouraged: identify your proposed audience and identify your fictional role in sharing this information. (e.g. “As you may be aware, I am the Project Manager on [this project], and I’m pleased to share this information with each of you on [our company]’s Board of Directors.”) You should also establish the information’s context and relevancy to your audience’s business.

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