Week 5 discussion 1&2 | Psychology homework help

Category: Psychology

Two separate discussion must be 150 words each and these discussion are APA formatte.

Discussion 1


Read the ACA and NAADAC Codes of Ethics and compare the positions that each takes on issues of dual relationships. Provide examples of dual relationships for which these codes do not give definitive guidance about the appropriateness of the relationship. How should a counselor make a decision to enter or not enter into a dual relationship?

Discussion 2

How would you handle the following three situations? What would you do in each?

  1. Your client expresses emotional or physical attraction toward you and you have similar feelings for your client.
  2. You have feelings of attraction toward your client, but you do not know if your client has similar feelings toward you.
  3. Your client expresses attraction to you, but you do not have any feelings of attraction toward your client.

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