Week 6 assignment project risk management

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Assignment 6 Guidance

Assignment 6 is very straightforward.  It should contain the following sections:

1.     Executive Summary – this is a summary of the project progress and risk status to date.

2.     Scope and Objectives of the Report – this should concern scope and objectives of the report – NOT THE PROJECT.  What is the report attempting to provide.  In the real world this is often boilerplate that is modified slightly from report to report. 

3.     Overall Risk status – Overall project risk at the time the report is prepared.  Some risks situations may have passed and additional risks may have been discovered. 

4.     Top risks actions and owners – this comes from the risk matrix and should reflect all major risks and minor risks within the reporting period. 

5.     Changes since last review – assume for this section that you are three months into a six-month project and this is the third summary risk report being provided.  During the reporting period a risk triggered and was addressed, but from this a secondary risk was identified. (A bit of imaginary role playing)

6.     Conclusions and recommendation – for the risks in upcoming period and the results from the period last.  The conclusion should be a summary of the body of the paper. 

7.     Appendix – Risk register in priority order. 

Who, what, where, when, why, how – keep that in mind.  Proofread and spell check.

As you prepare the report proofread and as always who, what, where, when, why, and how as appropriate.  See the rubric below.

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