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 You are to write a critical analysis of ONE of the two TWO assigned topics below. Your analysis must NOT be more than three short paragraphs. The three paragraphs must NOT EXCEED 250 words with works Cited included. When completed, submit assignment.  SHOW WORD COUNT.

PLEASE NOTE  Since your name is already uploaded in the course, no need to include it on your submission nor do you need to include instructor’s name as per the usual MLA style. Include ONLY the assigned topic at top of submission.

A critical analysis is NOT a description. Rather it is a well researched and carefully thought out set of arguments that are systematic, coherent, logical and precise, drawing heavily on evidence to support arguments. Examples of a critical, analytical paper have been provided to you in previous  discussions. 

NOTE:  Use of personal pronouns{ I, you, me, we, they, etc., } are not allowed and so are contractions: {It’s, isn’t, weren’t, aren’t, you’re, etc}. Use of encyclopedia  as a source is never allowed  nor can it be cited as such. Use of the MLA system to cite sources must be carefully followed both within text and in Works Cited.


1) Why were the Founding Fathers so careful in creating a bicameral legislature and assigned so much more powers to the Senate than to the House of Representatives? Do you think this split in powers reflect Dye & Zeigler’s argument about Elite Theory?

2) Currently, the United States House of Representatives is controlled by the Democrats, the Senate and Presidency by the Republicans. Is democracy in America  better served with one political party controlling both the Senate and the Presidency with political power to also control the Judiciary?


Information on Locke’s Treatise on Government (NOT the encyclopedia version) can be found online and so too the works of Baron de Montesquieu. Please research them along with library texts to fully and completely inform yourself on this topic. 

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