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The information in this week’s lesson has identified that a key part of a cosmopolitan social democracy is the idea that economic liberalization and global market integration hasn’t always yielded equitable results as seen when comparing poverty and luxury levels for a country. An example of this was provided in the facts about China and how ‘not playing by the rules’ has changed the standard of living in that country.

This assignment requires you to explore this concept further by selecting any country (excluding China or India) and analyzing and evaluating the concept of growth and poverty levels as a consequence of trade and international capital flows.

Your paper should be a minimum of 5-7 pages, double-spaced, and submitted in the APA format. 

Your paper will be graded for the depth and scope of your analysis and evaluation of the information you have presented for your country. You may present any personal perceptions or judgments about the impact of trade liberalization for your selected country without any loss of points toward your final grade. 

The goal of this paper is to expand your knowledge about how we may attempt to balance a cosmopolitan social democracy with managed global trade.

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