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Category: Biology

Lab 5: Performing a Literature Search and Creating a Reference Section – Understanding the Impacts of Climate Change on Fish Spawning 


 Climate change is occurring on Planet Earth, and this is correlated with an increase in carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions produced by the burning of fossil fuels (references? … can you find them in the scientific literature?). Your goal in this lab is to perform a literature search using Google Scholar and other search engines to provide a Bibliography/References/Literature Cited section. 

Your topic is, “Understanding the Impacts of Climate Change on Fish Spawning”. Then, you will submit this assignment as a Word document in Blackboard. 

Learning Objectives 

• Learn how to perform a literature search in Google Scholar and other search engines 

• Review the impacts of climate change on fish spawning 

• Create a Bibliography/Reference/Literature Cited section by formatting your citations using Marine Ecology Progress Series style Guidelines for Reference Section

 • Format – 12 point font, Times New Roman, 1 inch x 1 inch margins, single space, double space between citations, do not indent citations, place citations in alphabetical order based on the first authors last name (20 points). 

• References must be from peer-reviewed journals and cannot include websites (30 points). • You must include between 5 and 10 references (20 points). 

• All citations must follow the journal Marine Ecology Progress Series format (30 points). https://www.int-res.com/journals/guidelines-for-authors/guidelines-authors/

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