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the paper is about these, and I am doing the city . so do just the city and ignor the other sections.

she gives us example of cities.


In lieu of the discussion questions, I will ask each of you spend time researching the budget process for various public sector jurisdictions.  Before class next week, please post a bulleted overview of the budget process for the assigned jurisdiction.  For those with a specific department, state, city or county, you may choose the geographical location ( ie. City ( City of Thousand Oaks), State ( Montana), County ( Alameda County, CA), Department ( Department of Transportation, City of San Diego) 

Please also include any relevant website links that may be helpful in discussion in class or follow up later.

Sign up for the jurisdiction will be in class on January 19.

Below is the list of assignments:

1. Federal;

2. Department of the Federal Government ( ie. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Department of Education) 

3. State: 

4. City: 

5. County:

6. City Department: 


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