written assignment

Category: Applied Sciences

There are 4 questions. In a Word Document present each question with your response. 

  • Use at least a 12 point font.
  • Double Spaced is preferred.

Use APA format for references.

  • In text
  • In a reference list at the end of the paper 

Question 1 Pick ONE of the compare/contrast choices (a, b, or c). a.  Compare and contrast these concepts: Team Role Clarity and Role Acceptance b.  Compare and contrast these concepts: Team Cohesion and Collective Efficacy c.  Compare and contrast these concepts: Team Process Goals and Performance Goals Question 2 Which theory/model discussed in the chapter do you consider the best theory or model?

  • Explain the theory/model.
  • Explain your rationale.
  • Include examples.

Question 3 Review the chapter findings and other research and apply sports team cohesion research findings to improving your new department at work.  


  • As the newly assigned supervisor to a new department, what conditions would you set up to improve both task and social cohesion and performance in your department? 

Question 4 Help the Team! Empower Team cohesion and collective self-efficacy!(Note: According to Bandura (1995) self-efficacy theory, there are four sources of self-efficacy, http://reflectd.co/2014/01/20/self-efficacy-beliefs/ (Links to an external site.)). 

  • Imagine you are the sports psychologist assigned to an underachieving basketball team and the coach needs your assistance. 
    • Describe the interventions you would use to improve both team cohesion and collective self-efficacy. 
    • Include your rationale for your proposal.

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