Written assignment on moral theories for humanities

Category: Literature

Choose one of the moral theories expressed in reading and write a 1-2 page paper describing the theory. Choose from morality of self-interest, enlightened self-interest, economics and self-interest, altruism, the theories of John Rawls, Jeremy Bentham, John Stuart Mill, or Immanuel Kant, the morality of work, moral relativism, or feminist morality. Express the following three main aspects of the theory:


  1. Include the history of the theory and describe whether it is relativist or absolutist
  2. Explain the chief values expressed in the theory
  3. Illustrate the basis on which moral decisions are made in the theory

Be sure to include proper APA citations for any sources, including the text. 

Choose one of the morals theories of self interested hightlighted in red, and then use the theories of one of the ones highlighted in blue, and answer the questions hightlighted in Pink.





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