Writting essay analysis the Hispanic/Latino politics

Category: Government

 Write a five page paper that analysis the Hispanic/Latino politics in one of the following state: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York,  or Texas.  The paper should make predictions for Hispanic electoral performance in that state 2020.
2.      The paper should be double space and properly reference
3.      Select one of state from the following list:
4.      In order to adequately analysis you need
a.      Historic overview of state’s Latino population
b.      Demographic of current Latino population
1.      VAP
2.      % citizen
3.      % living in property
4.      % home ownership
5.      Income
6.      Education attainment
c.      Election Behavior for State Latino population
1.      President  2012, and 2016
2.      Off year 2014 and 2018
3.       List of Latino Elected officials
5.      Conclusion Why the prediction

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