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 Final Project should be typed, double-spaced, 7 -8 pages in length

Yoga Framework: Awareness, Acceptance & Adjustment Select Topic: Topic can be any life balance / wellness / stress reduction / nutrition / movement / chakra area that allows you to explore your life through the yoga framework of awareness, acceptance and adjustment. Awareness: What is current state? What is going on right now regarding this topic? Acceptance: Can you see how this is impacting you physically, mentally, emotionally energetically? How is it affecting your body, mind, and heart? Adjustment: What changes can you make to improve the wellness balance in your life? Create a detailed plan for at least 21 days which will guide you to a more balanced life. Questions to ask yourself when trying to pick a topic: What part of my day is the most stressful? What depletes me the most? What seems missing in my life? What changes would bring me more joy or peace? What area of wellness have I wanted to explore but never seem to find the time? EXAMPLE: If you are often tired or dizzy and know that you get your energy from lots of caffeine, your topic could be: increased energy through food / water. Start with documenting how you currently feel plus add 5 – 7 days of a food / beverage journal. Acceptance section of the project: Review food / beverage journal looking for patterns like I’m really exhausting by late morning & I only had coffee for breakfast. Adjustment: Create plan for increasing water consumption and lowering caffeine intake. Research options on healthy eating. Start cooking at home. Carry snacks, etc. Implement plan for at least 1 week and document how it is working. What additional changes do you need to add? 

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